Supernatural fans are...intensely Supernatural. So much that the 1967 Impalas that are out there being restored as an homage to the show are named after characters on the show. There's Mary the Impala, Crowley, Jo, and similar (in fact, check out the list under "The Impala Family" on this website for a complete list of cars and their owners!)

I was a bit stumped what to name my car. However, once we had it delivered began work on it, the choice was obvious.

For instance, one of the first things my husband did was to replace the battery. However, upon connecting the black and red wires where they should have gone, a fire ignited in the engine compartment. My husband pulled off the melting wires - burning his fingers quite badly. While he trotted off to the Quick Med, I contemplated the mess, and then realized that with THIS car, black was positive and red was negative. Odd.

A few days later we had a mechanic friend over to do a bit of work and possibly get the car started. He replaced the points, and I added fresh gas to the tank.

The car cranked, but nothing. My friend scratched his head, and then after a bit, realized that the firing order for the distributor was incorrect. He moved them all over one place from where they should have been, and the car started right up. After sitting since 1984 - the beast roared to life.

A few other weird things - when I ripped up the carpet there must have been 1,000 "s" hooks on the floor. And when I removed the front passenger door panel, the original Fisher -and very rare - inspection sheet fell out! On the most recent Google Earth pictures of our house, The Trickster appears as a bright flash of light in the photo!

Pretty tricky.

Thus, The Trickster.