While the Impala is a pivotal figure in the show in her own right, part of the car's appeal is the massive amount of props that she carries - from the Legos in the dash, the toy soldier in the ash tray, and the weapons cache in the trunk! Though personally at this time The Trickster is not sporting this collection, a fair number of Metallicar owners have gone all out and have reproduced it for their cars - down to precise detail that just blows me away!





Muela Alcaraz Stag Knife

14" Overall Length

Muela Bowie Knife

Small 10" Version

Muela Bowie Knife

Large 13.5" Version

Muela Bowie Knife

Black Handle Gold Guard

Muela Podenquero Knife

2004 Molibdeno Vanadio

Kershaw Speed Bump

Smooth Blade

Kershaw Storm II Serraded Blade

SOG Agency Knife


Rapala J. Martini Filet Knife

9" blade with sheath

Demon Killing Blade - "Ruby's Knife"

Sam's Scythe

Klaww of Death Dagger

Knights Dagger

Chinese Model HK2022

WWII Bayonet

Camillus M4 

Bolo Machete - Rounded handle 

Tactical Machete - Black Handle 

Ox Head Machete Sawback 

Frost Cutlery Model HK6278-190

Angel Blade in Aluminum or Resin 

Marine Ka Bar 

Cold Steel San Mai III Knife

Boker Magnum Biel Throwing Axe 

Tactical Throwing Axe VC-1

Black w/Green Paracord Handle 

Camp Axe Hatchet - Vintage 1 1/4 lb. 

Standard Axe (something around 26" w/ vintage look)

Purgatory Blade

Wood Spear Head


Silver Wings 8.5" Throwing Knives

Silver w/Black Handle

Silver Wings 9'' Throwing Knives

Eye of God Throwing Knife

Typhoon Throwing Star - 8 point

Metal Stakes 

Zombie Stakes 


Dean's Handgun - M1911 Chrome/Nickle Plated  

Ivory Grips for Dean's Handgun 

Sam's Handgun - Taurus PT99 or WE Tech Beretta 92FS

Colt 1836 Paterson Deluxe  

Desert Eagle

Nickle/Chrome or Black

Glock 17

HK MK23 SoCom

38 Snub Nose Revolver

Tech 9

Cyma ZM161A

Double Eagle M58A M3 Shotgun

Double Eagle M58B M3 Shotgun

Smith & Wesson 5906 Silver

MilTech Paintball Gun

Core ZX Paintball Gun 

Sheridan PG Paintball Smooth Grip


Kimar Very Flare Pistol 

Craft Apple Works Grenade Launcher

40mm Airsoft Grenades

MAC10 Airsoft UZI

1881 Double Barrel Coach Gun

Howitzer Double Barrel Coach Gun

Denix with Pistol Grip

Double Eagle M56A Shotgun

M1892 Lever Action Rifle - Large Loop

M1887 Lever Action Shotgun

Remington 870 12 Gauge With Tactical Flashlight

Baikal Double Barrel Sawed-Off Model 54

12 Gauge Salt Rounds Clear Casing

12 Gauge Dummy Rounds Red Casing

45 Dummy Rounds Chrome/Devils Trap/Witch Bullets

9 mm Dummy Rounds Chrome

Triple K Leather Bandolier Brass Buckle 12 Gauge

Western Double Loop Holsters 4 3/4" Leather Left and Right Hand

WWII U.S. M1916 Holster Brown Leather


Indian Head Hydraulic Brake Fluid 1 Gallon

Esso Imperial Oil  1 Gallon with Wire Handle

Coleman Cooler 1959 Snow lite Green with Diamond Decal

Oriental Mixture Tobacco Tin Standard 

Senator Tobacco Tin Standard 

Packham's Toffee Tin Standard

Sam's Flask Serpent Design

Holy Oil Jug

Long Life Quart Jars

Thermos  - Wood Grain with Red Cap

Dean's Flask - Celtic Wire Design in Pewter

Inverted Cross Pendant Design

Bobby's Flask - Celtic Design

Bobby's Flask  - Cover

Lighter Fluid Containers

Red  Devil Tin

Wedco 1 1/4 Gas Can Model W120

Montecristo Habana #2 Cigar Box Standard 

Jamaican Corona Cigar Box Standard 

Harvester Perfecto Cigar Box Standard 

Canadian Military 3-Button Duffle Standard 

Large Canvas Duffle 

Burlap Bags 8" X 12"

WWII British Canteen  P37 with Cover and Strap

Rothco M1 Jungle First Aid Kit Standard 

Ammo Cans U.S. M19A1 7.62/308 200 Count

U.S. M1956 Compass Pouch Standard 

Canadian Military Mess Tin Pouch 51 Webbing Pattern

Leather Map Pouch

Leather Syringe Pouch

Wooden Bullet Box w/Emblem

Steve Madden Shoebox

Approx. 9X15 Grayish in color...might have to buy the shoes with the box


EMF Detector

Lenastic Military Style Compass

Grappling Hook

Wooden Cross Hand Crafted

Ankh Mirror

John's Journal

DIY Pages - John's Journal

Supernatural Business Cards

Red Rosary - John's Journal

Wood Rosary St. Jude

Brown Oval w/ 6 St. Jude Medallions

Wood Rosary Light Brown 8mm Oval Bead

Wood Rosary Dark Brown 8mm Lady of Peace 

St. Benedict Pendants 3/4 or 1"

Evil Eye Beads

Dream Catcher

Zippo Lighters - Black Crackle 

Zippo Lighters - Moth

Zippo Lighters - Silver

Zippo Lighters - Cross

Flashlight Surefire Devastator M4

Knife Sharpener

Spotlight Brinkman

Cell Phones - Various Flip and Touchscreen 

U.S. Passport Covers

FBI Badge Wallets

Fake IDs


Folding Measuring Stick 

Falcon Shot Shell Box

Hex Bags

Angel Tablet

Demon Tablet

Bunker Key

Key to OZ

Smudging Sage

50cc Plastic Syringes for Syringe Pouch

Cassette Tapes - Various  

Brass Knuckles - Enocian Engraved

Fosters Sea Salt