The drivers side floor panel was the only one that needed replacing.

Out with the old...the damaged roof is off. I found a donor Impala in Texas and had the roof shipped to me in Maine. You can also see the significant amount of surface rust that plagued this side of the car.

Now its really apart! Doors and all trim off, all interior ripped out. Seats were mice infested but with new cushions can be saved. You can also see some of the roof damage here. Apparently a tree fell on the car at some point.

This beast barely fit in my oversize garage!

...and it was well worth it! The engine cleaned up, engine bay painted. I would have regretted not doing this later - its easier to do with the car all opened up.

This was scary! The engine was pulled to clean in up and to paint the engine bay.


A Supernatural Restoration

Starting to take it apart. I bagged and tagged every screw. The interior is maroon and will need to be modified.

I love the look of this dash!

Finding a '67 Hardtop is hard enough...finding it with the original lantern lights in excellent condition is a treasure!

Engine before and after!

It fits! With the new roof, the body work had to be perfect for the new glass to fit. And it did.

Taking a look...frame is in great shape

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates!