A Supernatural Restoration

I love going to the SPN Cons! Nov 2016 photos - with Jared Padelecki (Sam Winchester), my restored sun visors signed by the cast, and Jared and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) at the convention.

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THe Trickster's Story

October 10, 2015 - My husband and I were driving our two girls to a fair in a rural part of Maine. I was driving and while passing a road side auto repair place, I thought I saw an Impala. "Nah," I thought, thinking it too good to be true. My husband whipped his head around and announced, "Randee, that's your car!"


"Turn around, turn around, that's your car!"

Sure enough, I turned around and pulled into Skips Auto Repair and asked a mechanic on duty in one of the weather -worn garages if it was for sale.

"That's why its there," he replied, in true Maine fashion.

We wandered out back to look at the piles of junked cars behind the garage, and on our way back to the car the mechanic told us that Skip, the owner, had just pulled in. We chatted for a bit, and when I asked about the car, he said it was for sale. It had been his mom's car - one owner. She had purchased it new at the end of 1966, but had stopped driving it when her husband passed away in 1984. It had been in and out of storage since then. It had 49,000 original miles, and according to the stickers still on the car, it had been purchased at a Chevrolet dealership in right there in Maine. After a friendly negotiation and reassured that the car would have a good home, the car was mine!

Its been a long restoration process, but definitely an enjoyable one! I have learned a lot about cars in general - I've always been a hands on person - and have had some great mentors along the way. I can't say enough about the Facebook groups that I found who's sole purpose is to connect fellow 67 Impala owners. I've watched countless hours of YouTube videos and even created some of my own. I've pulled out the seats and disassembled the dash and bagged and tagged endless nuts and bolts. And The Trickster is far from finished! She's being worked on at Double S Speedshop in Portland, Maine. The owners, Scott and Fred, are the real deal, and I've stopped in many a time to have a beer and discuss cars.

Stay tuned, I will continue to update and add pictures. Feel free to contact me!  -Randee, January 2017